1 Pound

Government of St. Helena

British Overseas Territory

The island of St. Helena served as the place of exile for Napolean, several Zulu Chiefs, and the Ex-Sultan of Zanzibar. It is located about 1150 miles from the west coast of Africa, with a population of only 5,700.

In 1976, the St. Helena government began issuing a very limited quantity of new, decimal banknotes for use on the island (with coins beginning in 1984). The use of those coins and notes was extended to Ascension island, and later to Tristan da Cunha. Saint Helena used British currency until 1976, when it began to issue its own banknotes at par with sterling. While circulating coins are struck with “Saint Helena • Ascension”, the banknotes only say “Government of St. Helena”.
Interesting note: The last word in the motto on back is spelled incorrectly. It reads ‘ANGLAE’ instead of ‘ANGLIAE’.