$500 Stock Certificate - Sam Houston

Sabine, TX


City of Sabine Certificate of Stock, $500, Jan. 24, 1839

So far there are two known examples of the $500 denomination on this rare municipal issuer. The devices used for this issue are a Liberty Seated American coin obverse, a five pointed star, a sailing ship, and an early train. A great Republic of Texas item, as the town of Sabine (earlier its name was Sabine City and a little later it became Sabine Pass) was organized and platted by this issuer that had Sam Houston as one of the principals.

This certificate entitles the Holder to the One Thousanth (stet) Part of the City of Sabine; the original Proprietors being Sam Houston, ___ A. Lullotte, John L. Roberts, Niles S. Smith, A. G. Kellogg, George W. Hockley, W. D. ___ & others; and by presenting the same to the Agent of the Company, shall draw a preportionable dividend of the proceeds of Sales; and will be received at par, in the purchase of Lots, at Five Hundred Dollars.
Signed Niles F. Smith