$1 Proof

National Bank, Providence


PMG Uncirculated 61, Proof
With its grand sounding bank title, this bank was incorporated in 1833 and remained in business until it became the Old National Bank (Ch. 1151) in 1865. The design incorporates vignettes of The Arts at left, a large eagle with both merchant and naval vessels in the distance, and Liberty seated at right. The state seal appears at bottom center. PMG notes that edges have been added–which may refer to an extra frame line that has been drawn around the perimeter of the note (which has no effect on the note itself). The card has a ghost image of a $2 on this bank. There are three surviving proof examples of this design at present, and, based on the mounting and frameline characteristics, this one almost certainly was part of the landmark Alexandre Vattemare holdings.
Formerly from the Charles R. Pease, Jr. Collection