$1,000 Proof (Probably unique original)

Staten Island Bank, Port Richmond


“Excessively Rare Staten Island Bank”
Port Richmond, NY
PMG About Uncirculated 55, Proof
An excessively rare Proof from a rare bank in either Proof or issued form (and we are not allowing the Proprietary Proofs of this design printed by the ABNCo in the 1980s to be a part of this discussion). PMG has graded only one example, and this is it. It is without any POCs and has a regal appearance with its oversized dimensions. Appropriately, a harbor scene is the vignette. It has a Durand & Compy. New York imprint and is an excellent example of their finest work. This may even be the plate note on page 1749 of the Haxby reference.
Simply a great note and destined for our collection.