$5 Proof

Queen City Bank, Buffalo


The Queen City Bank was organized in 1853 but quickly suspended the following year, probably thanks to the Panic of 1854. The $5 design has an interesting corner vignette of two sailors and a woman in a dinghy. The woman appears to be looking through a telescope. A small Bank Department die is at center. One of the bank note company’s trademark anti-tampering devices appears at right. Patented by Cyrus Durand originally, the number of engraved bands was equal to the denomination of the note. In this case there were, of course, five bands. The note is printed on India paper mounted on cardstock with the usual POCs in the signature lines and affixed to a Danforth Wright archive book card. This note appeared as part of Lot 1104 in the 1990 ABNCo Archives sale. We are aware of two examples of this design and do not expect that number to grow.