One Share of $100 Stock Cert.

New York Oil Manufacturing Co.


Extremely Rare Ormsby’s Whaling Vignette – an exceptional share certificate and subject matter. This was issued a few years before significant petroleum was discovered in Pennsylvania. Whale oil and its processing were important industries in the New York harbor areas for decades prior to that discovery. Ormsby printed many well-known obsolete bank notes. However, his relatively few stock certificates are among the finest engraved in this period. Fully issued and accomplished for one share dated July 14, 1855. Hand numbered 145 at upper left.

We see a furious whaling scene engraved for the Ormsby imprint and observed only on two share certificates and Plate 10 in his folio. A long sperm whale with an especially high spout knocks over at least one whale boat in the rear as another boat attempts to harpoon the prize. Other whaling ships are in the background. As a graphic American share certificate, one of the beautiful.
Formerly of The LII Collection