$20 Proof

Millville Bank

18 _ _

PMG Superb Gem Unc 67 EPQ, Proof
The $20 design features a wonderfully detailed vignette of three ships under construction flanked by vignettes of a farmer carrying a sheaf at left and Justice seated at right. The note has an overall orange tint with a red and white XX protector. The note, a later printing with the ABNCo monogram present, is printed on India paper mounted on cardstock with the usual small POCs in the signature lines (although the holes are not completely punched through). Apparently this note design comes in two forms, with and without the ABNCo monogram. There were three examples of this denomination in the 1990 ABNCo Archives sale. This one is a wonderful nautically themed note in premium condition.
From the Charles R. Pease, Jr. Collection, Part III