Jeton - Piety and Justice

France - issued by H. Winckel of Nuremberg

circa 1588

Obverse: PIETATE ET IVSTITIA, Pietate et Iustitia
Translation: Piety and Justice

A Nuremberg jeton issued by Hans Krauwinckel II, c1588-9. The jeton is of Franco-Allegorical type and depicts Piety and Justice. Hans Krauwinckel: Nuremberg Master. He signed his first token in 1586 and was in operation until 1611 (?).
Type: Hans Krauwinckel II (M1598-1638): 1586-1635
Approximated jeton date of 1588

This series of jetons is of the Pietate et Iustitia (Charles IX type). Many of these designs have been adapted from those of official French jetons struck by Charles IX (1560-74). Hans Krauwinkle maintained close commercial links with France, and it may well be that the present series of jetons was designed specifically for marketing through his commercial outlet. A number of these issues are fairly commonly encountered, but it does not seem likely that they were struck for any long period after their introduction c 1588 -89, because of the number of different dies used for design was very restricted. The introduction of this various series of pictorial jetons during the late 1580’s also shows considerable technical and conceptual advance, beyond the mundane forms of thin brass stock jeton which were to remain in use alongside these new pieces. In many respects the pictorial jetons of the late sixteenth to early seventeenth century represent the highest achievements of the Nuremberg masters in this field.