Oskar II silver wedding

Artist Lea Ahlborn, Sweden


Oskar II – Royal couple’s silver wedding 1857-1882 (25th)
Engraved by Lea Ahlborn
Sailboats, two sailing right, two more facing left. Swedish legend at edge above (translation), “Happy journey to the desired destination.” Legend in exergue, “The royal couple’s silver wedding (anniversary) by the fifty-year-old Swedish Yacht Club.”

Oskar II, his reign noted by the peaceful dissolution of the union of Sweden & Norway in 1905, married Sophia Wilhelmina of Nausau on June 6, 1857.

The Kunliga Svenska Segel Sailskapet (KSSS), or Royal Swedish Yacht Club, was founded in Stockholm in 1830 under the name ‘Swedish Sailing Club.’ In 1878 it received royal status. The first regatta took place in 1833, 50 years before the organization issued this commemorative medal in celebration of the silver royal wedding anniversary.

Both the obverse and reverse of this medal were designed by famous Swedish artist and medalist Lea Ahlborn. She was the first woman to be made royal printmaker, which made her the first female civil servant in Sweden, as well as many other distinctions of recognition.