100th Anniversary of S. E. L. Maduro & Sons

Curacao, Carribbean

1837 - 1937

Large bronze medal, Curacao, 1837-1937

Reverse: Mercury at right, cornucopia at his feet, native family at left, and the sun, a Dutch-style building, and ship in background
Obverse: Bearded bust of Salomon Elias Levy Maduro (1814-1883), founder, in frock coat, sea behind with anchor at left and dolphin at right

Salomon Maduro, a self-made man, was one of a small number of successful Jewish merchants trading in the Caribbean. He founded this company in 1837 and it still flourishes. He began with his own ship’s agency and bunkering services in the port of Curacao. During the years that followed his sons joined him in the business. Under the name of S.E.L. Maduro & Sons it evolved into a holding company with interests in real estate, travel and leisure activities, and a variety of services related to the shipping and transportation industry.