Lt. Stephen Cassin Naval Medal

Battle scene, American vs Navy fleets

Sept 11, 1814

Lieutenant Stephen Cassin Naval Medal
Dies by Moritz Fürst.
Obverse bust right, legend around STEP. CASSIN TICONDEROGA PRAEFECT. QUAE REGIO IN TERRIS NOS. NON PLENA LAB. (“Stephen Cassin, commander of the Ticonderoga. What region on earth is not full of our works”), FURST.F. below bust.

Reverse naval battle scene, around and in exergue UNO LATERE PERCUSSO. ALTERUM IMPAVIDE VERTIT. INTER CLASS. AMERI. ET BRIT. DIE XI SEPT. MDCCCXIIII (“Beaten on one side, he fearlessly turns the other / Between the American and British fleets September 11, 1814), FURST.F. at right on exergual line.