Market Bank, Boston

1862 (Issued, Unique?)

This red-tinted note is listed in both the Haxby and Bowers references as a Proof only issue, but we have an issued note with serial number 6887 in this lot. This was the first note on the Market Bank in any form to be included in Heritage’s auctions. Cashier J(onathan) Brown, Jr. and President C(harles) O. Whitmore steered this bank into becoming the Market National Bank with charter number 505 on August 26, 1864. They would serve together in those two capacities until 1878. President Whitmore would stay on until this bank was liquidated on December 17, 1898. With a dearth of issued Obsolete notes from this bank, it is believed this bank aggressively redeemed its Obsoletes and continued to do so during its life as a national bank. They did a good job on redeeming, leaving only this example we know of for collectors to fight over.