Market Bank, Boston


The custom vignette shows a market scene with wagons being loaded and a clear view of the Quincy Market Building. Justice is at left and George Washington at Dorchester Heights is at right. Likely unique, this is the Whitman Plate Note on page 135 of Volume 3 (serial no. 392.) A typical “New England” cut with a tiny juncture hole obscured in the vignette. This design was not in the Denly Collection and the only example Heritage had seen (as of Feb 2022). Whitman catalog value = $1,000 in Fine.

The Market Bank converted to an original series national bank in 1865 and redeemed most of its Obsolete notes, even from early series like this. An unknown “NDA” design to Haxby, he left the G4 listing space for it based on some period reporting. Oddly, the most encountered types from the title are powerful red color Proofs printed by the National Bank Note Company and pleasing collectors with their exquisite craftsmanship. This early note has dual imprints of the NEBN/PSSP and would have been impossible for period counterfeiters to duplicate.