Manufacturers & Mechanics' Bank, Nantucket

Dec. 5, 1843

Dynamic Moby Dick Style Whaling Imagery
The long sperm whale vignette at the top center by the New England Bank Note Co. Boston is unique to the bank. The dynamic scene is right out of the pages of “Moby Dick.” The spouting, surfaced leviathan fends off the harpooners from one longboat as another follows to join and assist. The sea is thrashing and the sky appears to be setting on a long day. Will a “Nantucket Sleigh Ride” commence soon? The realistic imagery is fantastic. Left is Franklin in his study. Right end is titled “Hydrostatic Oil Press.” Rare bank and series.

Though the bank failed (due to embezzlement by the cashier), only a few notes remain today.
Very Rare and a Choice Example – an elite Massachusetts obsolete note rarity.
Formerly of The LII Collection