Exchange Bank, Salem


An extremely rare note from a stylish series. Only one other known, the plate note in the Whitman Encyclopedia, ensconced in the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem which is unavailable to collectors. All genuine notes from Salem’s Exchange Bank are extremely rare and are all designated SENC in Haxby. Amazingly, the Newman Collection contained four different denominations from the series. The impressive and unusual design is boasted in vibrant condition. The $1 denomination from this dynamically vignetted series was printed from plates with dual imprints of the New England Bank Note Company and Patent Stereotype Steel Plate. Like the others from this series, Athena is in the harbor seated upon a throne. Ships traverse the harbor to her left and right. End panels show “1” counters above and ONE counters below. Lafayette is at the left end and a veiled Moneta holding a key is at the right. A red protector ONE is across the bottom center. A stunning note.
Formerly of the Eric Newman Collection