$5 Proof

City of Covington,
Water Works Income Bond


January 15, 1871
PMG About Uncirculated 53, Proof
This was technically a 7.30% ten year bond that was payable at the First National Bank of Covington. A truly spectacular ABNCo proof, this $5 Water Works Income Bond of the City of Covington features a minutely detailed map of the state. Not only is every one of the state’s counties outlined, every one is also named! This masterpiece of engraving in miniature is flanked by a seated Native American woman and two frontiersmen in a canoe. A vignette of Liberty standing is at left, and a girl holding several puppies titled Little Family is at right. We have only offered a single example of one other denomination, a $1, and this $5 also shares that distinction. Not in the 1990 ABNCo Archives sale and excessively rare, this note is possibly unique.