Bank of LaSalle

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Uncut Sheet PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45 EPQ
The Haxby reference indicates that circulating notes were printed for this very short lived bank, but they were not issued to the bank and were supposedly all destroyed. Haxby lists only the $1, $2, and $3 denominations and states that all notes from this bank are SENC, surviving example not confirmed. Also, all three denominations are categorized with the abbreviation NDA, for no description available. This Was Heritage’s first offering of an uncut sheet from the Bank of LaSalle. In total, they had previously offered only a single example from this institution. That ace graded PCGS Apparent 58 and realized $920 in August, 2010. The charming uncut sheet in this lot was able to earn the highly desirable EPQ grade modifier. We look forward to seeing the bids culminate one day…