Anchor Pickle & Vinegar Works, Heinz, Noble & Co., Woodstock


Woodstock, IL- Anchor Pickle & Vinegar Works- Heinz Noble & Co., $2 Post Note, Oct. 1, 1875

A wonderful piece of merchant scrip and Heinz company history from the partnership between Henry John Heinz and L.C. Noble that existed from 1869 until 1875. The company was originally known as Anchor Pickle & Vinegar Works as seen in the red under-print that includes an anchor design at the center. The name was changed to Heinz, Noble & Company in 1872. The partners sold bottled horseradish and expanded their product line to include pickles, vinegar, and sauerkraut. The partnership dissolved largely due to the economic chaos wrought by the Panic of 1873 and its aftermath. Heinz would go on to form a partnership with his brother John and cousin Frederick that we still know today, adding ketchup (or catsup) to their list of products in 1876.