200 Escudos



This coin (and the two prior) are part of the third series in the 15-year “Coins of Discovery” program that commemorates Portugal’s landmark sea voyages of exploration and discovery in the 15th and 16th centuries. This series is titled “Discovery of America.”

Europe Meets Japan – Envoys of the Daimios of Kyushu
200 escudos 1993
The obverse features a 16th-century Portuguese nau (merchant ship). Naus were broad-beamed, multi-decked, square-rigged carracks or galleons used as cargo carriers on the long route between Portugal and its trading posts in India and beyond. [The reverse depicts four 12 to 13-year-old samurais of the daimios (feudal lords) of Omura, Arima and Otomo on the island of Kyushu who are dressed in western clothing, and a Doric column in Rome. The young noblemen were Christian converts who studied at a Jesuit seminary. They became the first Japanese ambassadors to Europe when, in 1582, the Jesuits organized for them a mission to Lisbon and Rome. In Rome, the envoys were received in an audience with Pope Gregory XIII. They returned to Japan in 1590. The reverse inscriptions are in Portuguese, ENVIADOS DOS DAIMIOS KIUSHU (Envoys of the Daimios of Kyushu), and in Japanese.]